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Pluses And Minuses

Y'know, I have nothing against pirating software. While I do agree that people should get paid for their work, I think it's gotten wildly out of hand, and if the game companies would bring their prices down, unilaterally, I think they'd increase actual sales for everyone. That's not going to happen, though. So those of us that cannot afford to get all the hot new games at $50+ a pop are gonna keep pirating them. :P

That being said, the only thing I DO hate about it is the having to sign up for porn mailings, etc., to get the damn passwords. Of course, that's why I keep a second e-mail address, just for those, but when I have to wait a day or two to get the fucking confirmation e-mail, that just seems pathetic. There's no reason why the majordomo can't send that damn thing out immediately.

OK, enough about that.

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