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Stuff, Like It Matters

It's hot...and I don't mean I can't deal with the heat, it's just this still, thick, humid heat that doesn't move, just sits there, weighing down on you like the knowledge of all your sins remembered.

Annoyance makes me poetic.

I found a bit of chain with a padlock, in one of the many boxes of craperoo I have. I used to wear it as a necklace, back in my thrasher days. Unfortunately, I have long since lost the key. Oh well, makes a fun boredom toy.

Starting to think about Hallowe'en. It's only 2 months off, and I'll have the money to actually do a cool costume this year. I realized that I haven't done anything for Hallowe'en for the last two years...something fundamentally wrong about that. Gotta go all out, to make up for it.

2 days until the money clears...tick, tick, tick.

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