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Movie Warning: Feardotcom

Let me make this really easy for you: DON'T BOTHER SEEING THIS FLICK. I know, that's harsh, especially coming from me. But seriously, it's not worth it. Don't go see it, don't buy it, don't rent it. You WILL be disappointed.

Apparently, the entire budget was spent on the end sequence (some mildly pretty CGI work), and the web design for the site in the film...because no one bothered paying for a script writer, a cameraman, or a lighting technitian. The dialogue is boring, and WAY too many points in the film, important points, story points, were just not explained, or were spoken of as if they had been explained earlier in the film...the story itself is unclear for a while, and then is wildly predictable. The shots themselves are fairly standard, nothing that ever grabs you and makes you sit up straight (the only time I adjusted my seating was to attempt to get more comfy in my chair). The only ones that aren't are quick-cut hallucination sequences which don't make a lot of sense. Lighting? What lighting? The film is intentionally shot dark, mostly blacks, blues, and blue-greys, which would be atmospheric and artistic...if you could SEE anything.

Let's see, what else is wrong? Well, why do the two main characters go from strangers to very close with no buildup of any kind? Why does a disease-study chick keep running around on a police investigation that has nothing to do with disease? Why does no one in the film know how to park a car or turn on a light switch? Why does every person in the film has the same desktop pattern, much less same applications ruinning? Why does the street-hardened cop fall into raving lunacy at the same thing the boring little health-department chick handles fine? How does the dead girl swallow a lipstick that we clearly see someone holding, before her death, as she is lying bound to a table? How does a website that kills you 48 hours after you see it go unnoticed since at every notice of it there are 150 watching it? Why does the dead girl kill you in 48 hours if she wants you to find her killer and avenge her? Why is she deep underwater, if this guy killed her in his lab...for that matter, how does a nuclear cooling tower, on dry land, have 30 feet of water in it, and how does someone dive in there, swim around, get scared shitless and still drag a dead body out of it, without taking another breath? What does the dead chick being a hemophiliac have to do with anything? Why is this killer doing this at all? Why is he taunting the cop? If the hardrive is fried on the computers that have accessed this site, how does the cop access the site from a victim's computer? What's with the freaky old blind homeless woman, and why does she know where the dead girl is?

Well, you get the idea. PLease, for the love of all that is good and true, or even interesting, skip this flick.

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