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Well, This Could Be Interesting

After seeing a post (dammit, now I forget who posted it) talking about Horror Drunx, I took a look at their site. Basically, this is the site of 2 guys, Mortamer and Pigpen, who have a plan. These guys want to visit as many sites as they can where horror films have been shot, and get pix in front of them, getting drunk on forties. They've already got pix at several locations, and have plans for many more.

Needless to say, I got an extreme kick out of this, and dropped them a mail this morning, expessing my support, and offering my services for graphics or webmastering (the site is kinda sad...needs serious layout and HTML help). I was quite happy to hear back from Pigpen already, thanking me, and letting me know that if/when they need/want some done, I will prolly be the first (and only) person they contact.

Hey, it just felt good. With that, I'm off to more NWN. I've got a cult to track down.

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