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Time Out For Controversy

(*link ganked from meowlet*)

It seems that John Cusack has made a film that has people up in arms...and they haven't even seen the damn thing. According to an article on Salon.com, Cusack's film "Max" tells the story of Hitler's growth and rise, seen through the eyes of another. So passionate was JC abnout making this, that he accepted no salary to do it, which says a lot.

Of course, people are freaking out. How could a film be made that gives a human side to Hitler, they ask. No one had to 'give' him a human side, it was there. Unfortunately, no one ever sees it...all you ever see is the monster that he became. Note here, I am in no way supporting Hitler or what he did. But let's be honest...as usual, something that was a bad thing has been used and abused until it is so blown out that you never really know what the truth was. A bad man has become a monster, and a bad situation has become a "Holocaust".

Jewish Defense League official Brett Stone declares that "not only is the film in bad taste, it is also a psychic assault on Holocaust survivors and the entire Jewish community. There is no moral justification for making such a movie. To glorify or humanize Hitler makes a mockery of the 12 million -- 6 million of them Jewish - victims of Hitler's tyranny ... This is not art! This is obscenity!" 'Humanizing' Adolf hitler is not an obscenity, it's fact and history. By this reckoning, can I get mad and call Christianity an obscenity for goin halfway across the world to slaughter the Turks in the Crusades? Can I call the British Empire an obscenity for going to Africa and slaughtering the Zulu?

Humans are so obsessed with having someone to fight that we go out of our ways to find someone to shit on. If we don't have an obvious one, we look into history, and we find an excuse to continue pogroms that are long dead. Fuck all of you, I fight for what *I* stand for, and against what hurts *ME*, not some long-distant quasi-relative, not some ancient wrong. When MY people are wronged, I'll fight back, and when they are NOT, I will continue trying to get along with the world, and make it a better place for everyone...and by 'my people', I don't mean anyone that might be vaguely connected to me throughout history. We'd all be better off if we learned to let the past be the past, and try living in the now (kind of a good sentiment for today, actually).

Hell, I'm looking forward to the movie. It should be on general release in February...if the JDL doesn't manage to block Lion's Gate from releasing it.

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