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OK, after watching a couple new-ish flicks last night, I have one you should avoid and one you DEFINITELY should see, without question. Short version: skip "Lost Voyage", but SEE "Frailty".

OK, first "Lost Voyage". Haunted ship flick with Judd Nelson and Lance Henriksen. The best way I can describe why it sucked is through analogy, so bear with me. If you hand someone a tapestry, even if it has holes in it, it can be a beautiful thing. But if you just hand them a shitload of yarn and thread, and swear to them that it is a tapestry, they just have to put it together, they're gonna ignore it. That is what this movie was like. It had lots of elements, but not cohesion. Frankly, it was a rotten rip off of "Event Horizon", but without any story. I mean, you get to the end, knowing nothing, and 5 dead people, with no storyline in anything. Do not see this turkey, it was complete crap.

However, you simply MUST see "Frailty". I'm gonna try to tantalize you into seeing it without giving anything away...We open with a man coming to the FBI to tell them that he knows who the "God's Hand" killer is, and then proceeds to tell, in flashback, how he knows all this. What proceeds is the first film in a long time that has been worthy of being called a 'gothic thriller'...gothic in the truest sense of the word. I don't mean eye makeup, bats, and PVC, I mean dark, atmospheric, and twisted. Killings happen, and there is no question of who's doing it, but you don't SEE the gore or actual hit...it's left for offscreen, for your mind. There is a reason behind what is happening...but it's up to you to decide whether it's true or insanity. And the twists at the end? Well, Di and I both thought we saw them coming...but we were only half right. I think Di said it best: "You know this movie must have rocked, I only had one cigarette through the whole thing!" Again, trust me on this one...SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! Hell, as soon as I find it for sale, I'm buying it.

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