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OK, "Naked States" isn't for everyone. Short version: Spencer Tunick is a photographer, and this film is a documentary of his trip across America getting photos of nudes in each state. Yes, he's been arrested more than once, generally because some cop strolled by and didn't like what he saw...or because ol' Spence was blocking a road. Regardless, he presses on, and I have to give him a lot of credit. His work is gorgeous, and well put together. Through all the bullshit, he manages to get it done (5 months on the road to hit them all), and triumphs in the end. Along the way, we meet a lot of the people who posed for him, hearing their stories, and it's pretty cool...you end up kinda cheering them on for NOT being the standard social prudes, for whatever their reasons were.

Now, this is a documentary, and an art film, all in one, so I'm not gonna go recommending it everyone. But if you like photography, you should probably see it.

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