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It really seems like I am the anti-trendsetter when it comes to relationships. When I am single, everyone I know is dating someone. When I am hapily involved, everyone else is breaking up.

Just last two night, I talked to two different people who are either getting or on the verge of getting divorced. Man, it's an epidemic...but in both cases, I agree with the separation. In one case, it's a newer friend, but I can see it's a bad sitch...I just hope the woman involved gets her head outta her ass, or it'll end in tears. The other is a very good and close friend, has been for years, but I TOLD her not to marry the guy...hell, we all did. SHe calls me last night to tell me that he kicked her out of the house, and kept their year-and-a-half-old son...man, I'm glad I'm not in Memphis, still, or I'd have gone over to kill him.

Man...every day, I just become more and more happy with my relationship working as well as it does.

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