God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Pluses And Minuses

So I went ahead and upgraded to WinAmp 3 yesterday. It's finally out of beta stage, so why not, right?

Well, they went for freeform skinning now, which is all well and good, but my old skins no longer work with it, even though it supposedly supports them. OK, I can live with that...Interesting that they only have a 'full' version available, and the "standard and lite versions are coming soon"...so it's harder to put out versions without components? Ooooo-kay...hmm, MilkDrop doesn't wanna work with it (the best WinAmp visualization plug-in ever)...THAT seriously sucks. Hope they update that...Hmmm...the playlist, even set for 'shuffle' always starts at the top of the list anyway...

I'm also discovering that more people have crappy resolution than I thought. Over half the damn skins are "tiny" or "compact" styles...great for all you 800x600 people, but me and my 1280x1024 can't see the damn things...especially annoying when, in the interest of art, they use itty-bitty buttons. Cripes. One that I like had a comment about how 'big' it was, and that was supposed to be bad...man, I'd love it about twice the size it is.

As usual, 90% of the visualization plugins are nothing but collections of AVS settings...why does WinAmp.com allow this shit? Well, therse are the same people that give incredible ratiungs for the crappiest skins, etc...ones that don't work, or are unfinished, or whatever, so I shouldn't expect much.

All in all, I'd stick with 2 for now, until they get their shit together, but it's installed and works, so I'm not going through downloading 2 again. I'll live.

Man, I feel like i was drinking last night. Low-grade headache all day, the room feels stuffy, I'm tired...dammit, this better clear up, I'm supposed to go to karzon's later tonight.

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