God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

More Movie Weirdness..And A MUST-SEE

Well, made another trip to Suncoast last night, which means it's time for more movie reviews, which is good, because I had one to do that I haven't yet.

OK, first things first. Panic Room is one of those films most can never decide if they REALLY want to see or not. The cast is pretty good (Forrest Whitaker, Jodie Foster, Jared Leto), and the director has a good track record (David Fincher; Seven, Fight CLub, Alien3, The Game), but it just seems like the movie isn't gonna be all that good. Take the chance; this was actually a good flick, with strong characters, and more a couple instances of good suspense. I was surprised at the way I enjoyed it. My only disappointment was that it looked like I'd get to see Whitaker play a bad guy, and instead he became a tortured soul...but it's hard to imagine him bad anyway. Even in "Ghost Dog" (an INCREDIBLE movie, if you haven't seen it), when he played an assassin, he was very ethical and moral.

Frankenthumb: The fifth in the Thumbation movies by Steve Oedekerk...man, what a whacko. I guess I don't really have to say much about this, since if you are a Thumb fan, you'll get it, and if you aren't, well, you should be. I will say that this one didn't seem to have quite the 'punch' of some of the others, but it's hard to say why. This one came off as more of a Saturday morning show than a Thumb-flick. I think it's the fact that this one was obviously filmed entirely on video, instead of film, and it shows. Still, better than Thumbtanic, but not as good as Blair Thumb or Thumb Wars.

Brotherhood Of The Wolf: If you haven't seen this film yet, and there's a good chance you didn't, then I strongly urge you to go get it...NOW. This French film didn't get much theatrical play in the States, due to being subtitled, but the DVD is out now, and you can hear it in the original French or in English (I was impressed with the voice-over, it didn't come off cheesy). It is, at it's heart, a retelling of the legend of Gevaudan, which was stalked by some sort of beast in the late 1700's, killing over 100 people (this is fact, by the way, look it up). People thought it was a huge wolf, and it helped create the werewolf legends of later days. To this day, no one knows what the Hell it was. This takes that tale as a basis and makes a movie that is beyond comparison. First off, it's an absolutely GORGEOUS movie, but it's also so much more. A cast that is very believable and strong, character development that is slow but meaningful, camera work that will make you weep, and a storyline that is not only a 'horror' film, but also an action flick, a love story, a historical fiction, a treatise on the treatment of Man and Class, and an allegory on both the French Revolution and the conflicts of the beginnings of the Age of Reason...all without annoying you. I cannot recommend this movie enough, really...I could come up with things for hours and still not feel I've said enough about it. PLEASE see this. Don't let it being 'a foreign flick' make you think twice...trust me on this one.

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