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Basement Of The Cairo Museum To Be Opened -- Initial forays show items that have never been identified, and some likely have been here for decades. Egypt's director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities tried and FAILED to find pieces he sent here in the mid 70's, when he was an archaeologist

Legendary Viking Longhouse Discovered -- Archaeologists believe it to be the home of Snorri Thorfinnsson, thought to be the first European born in the New World. The site was found by information in the Viking sagas, which have been shown to have been right and accurate more than once.

Blue Senate Candidate -- Yes, he's BLUE. After taking colloidal silver (for fear of Y2K antibiotic shortages), he developed argyria, and that's permanent. Hey, I'd vote for him...you KNOW he won't discriminate based on color.

World's Largest Radio Telescope -- Using radio telescope dishes in Spain, Arizona, Finland, and Chile, scientists have effectively created a radio telescope with a diameter that of Earth.

World's Funniest Joke-- If you know me, you know I love to laugh...and I love to make others laugh. I've always said that laughter is universal, and that if someone doesn't have a smile, give 'em one of yours. Well, if you are curious as to the best way to do this, you should read this article. Actually, I was impressed with the work that went into this, and at the 'statistics' shown later on.

And, dammit, I love that joke.

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