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Whatta Night

Not a good night for sleeping. 2:30, I'm awake. 3:30, I'm awake. 5:00, I'm awake, at which point I said to Hell with it...got in a couple more good hours of reading ("Black House" is excellent, by the way) before alarms got everyone else up. Maybe I'll take a nap this afternoon, we'll see.

I should finish up the logo for the first contract today, but I may just put it off until tomorrow. Nothing would happen today anyway. Speaking of which, on the second contract, I got a tad annoyed with all the bullshit, and sent a nice little e-mail which said that we had a deal, so I was sticking to it, but if this kind of stuff was in any more contracts I'd charge twice as much (all of course stated in the strictest PC Corporate Bullshit-ese). I discovered today that the recipient is A)not mad about the mail and B)very happy with my work, ethics, and behavior (never let anyone tell you that HOW you phrase somethng is more important than what you say). So that's all good.

I need to call AT&T as well, and see about getting cable 'Net installed. The bullshit with connections yesterday just fuels me to get off my ass and do it. Hell, I have a list sitting here staring me in the face of things to do, most of which are just personal projects anyway.

Onward, he said...

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