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I Finally Know What's Wrong WIth Me

Talking with Di last night, I mentioned that in a convo yesterday, Isaac declared me a 'Freudian nightmare'. And it's true, my mind is a scary place that I have learned how to deal with for the most part. I had a psychologist a few years back tell me that I was possibly lying to him, or that it was also possible I was dangerously schizophrenic, and should be locked up. Maybe, maybe not, but I'm fun and interesting, so who cares? But, as we talked, we decided what my problem REALLY is. I surround myself with problems that drive me crazy and hurt, but I don't actually get off on them. Instead, I feel like I'm doing what I should. Even so, I keep doing it. My problem finally has a name: we decided I'm a Compulsive Schizoid Masopath.

I can live with that.

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