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Yeesh, What A Day

OK, I think I might finally be caught up on my sleep. I was so out of it yesterday that the day really got away from me. I even tried taking a nap in the afternoon/early evening, and all that did wa make me confused and give me a headache. Ungroovy.

Still, it was Cat's birthday (Di's sister), so we went out the night for drinks and hilarity, and had a great time. Random happenings at the bar: declared cool and the King of Karaoke, because I know the words to just about everything, it seems...described my hatred for Brady, due to his long hair, glasses, black clothes, and leather jacket (and his for me, for the same reasons)...got dragged into a debate about whose 'equipment' was bigger, Viggo Mortensen or Ewan MacGregor...discussed the finer points of the Predator culture, and who would REALLY win if they attacked the Alien homeworld...proved that I am probably Gene Simmons lovechild.

What a night. I'm gonna go finish the second season of "The Young Ones" now (both seasons available on one DVD set...rock!).

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