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I Love Being An Influence

So, last night, Di and I are heading to bed, and she walks to the kitchen real quick for some cold meds (sniffles...*SNORT*). As she comes back, she walks past Bug's door, which is slightly ajar, and tells me, when she returns, that he's talking to me in his SLEEP. To the best we can figure, he was talking about watching me play Neverwinter Nights, but bringing in stuff that he hadn't seen in months. Either way, it was still way cool. I just really like him being close to me. Beyond the fact that I'm a million times better for him than the chimpanzee that calls himself his father, it's also the closest I'll have to a son. SO it meant a lot to me.

On a lighter note, I wanna welcome a new reader of the War Journal, mery. Good to have ya 'round!

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