God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


Just woke up from this one. It's odd, because I woke straight up, no shock, just opened my eyes...and I'm not tired at all, even though I've only been down for 4 hours.

There was plenty to the dream previous...I think there was some sort of contest going on. I distinctly remember running some sort of course, and at one point having to squeeze though a section before I'd get some points for the lap. It was run through the halls of some sort of course, but they looked, for the most part, like ordinary corridors, etc. The other runners had odd names and looks, even to the point of being completely insane. I was starting to get winded, but I went on.

Eventually, I remember coming into an area, and no longer running the race..either it was over or I wa out, I dunno, but I was in a room which I could see was underwater. I started to leave (into the water), but these small torpedoes came in my direction. They were glass, and filled with air. I took them from the water (maybe a foot long each), and tried not to let the air out. Some other people came into the room (from the water, whose level had dropped somewhat), and wanted some of the air, which had turned to some clear liquid which wasn't water. At that point, a big muscular guy with long hair came into the room in a sleeveless wetsuit, and somehow we knew he was connected with the large explosion we'd heard. I started trying to talk to him, play it cool, feint him out of position until I could take him out. I tried a fairly strong kick, but it didn't phase him, and I kept going, as if I wasn't trying to attack him. He somehow believed it, and I tried another, but he finally noticed.

I and the rest of the people in the room were now at the mercy of two men, one who was very cool and calm, and seemed to have some sort of agenda that we didn't know, and another who was kinda weenie and scrawny and seemed to be getting off on the powertrip. We cleared the various chairs and tables from the room, and more than once someone did something that they shouldn't have, and the weasely guy walked up with his small pistol and shot and killed them, point-blank. There was an odd noise as he approached someone to kill them, almost a buzzing sound of incoming attack, but slow. The lights went low for something on the television, I didn't see what, and I was lying on the floor next to a chick I knew in high school (incidentally, I should call her and say hey), and I remembered that i had a pistol in a box right near my side. I also knew it was unloaded, and the only bullets were in another gun which was broken. I knew I had to wait for just the right moment to try and sneak it out, because the calm guy was right in front of me in a chair, but his attention was elsewhere. I managed to get the gun out and pull the clip, but decided that it was gonna be too risky to get the ammunition.

Before I could slip the gun back, I noticed a chick standing to my left, looking past the girl I knew at me with a questioning look. I carefully shook my head no. I realized that weasely-guy would see her standing and looking, and come to see what was up, and I started hearing that sound again. I tried to cringe down, but he came around behind me and found the gun and clip beside my leg. He started to raise his own gun and I tried to say that it wasn't loaded, they could see that, I didn't do anything, I didn't want to do anything against them, and the calm guy said that yeah, he knew, and the weasely guy drew down on me anyway. I saw that he turned his face away, and realized that he couldn't stand looking into the faces of those he killed, so I stood up and stared at him intently. He turned to face me as I got up, and the shock threw his aim off. I felt his shot go into my arm, feeling no worse than a beesting. I walked towards him as he backed away, firing round after round into me, the shots hitting my limbs, my side, but never finding their mark. I knew I was going to take this guy apart when he ran out of room, and I saw that he was against a wall. I reached out for him, my world went grey...

...and I woke up.

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