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News Reports, On A Personal Note

Oh man...out of the fucking blue.

I get on messenger, and see nightmaven, who I haven't seen in forever, so I popped up on him to say hey. He asks if I got his e-mail yesterday...nope, not a thing. He proceeds to tell me that he finally got the autopsy and toxicological reports from Cyn's (cenobitten's) death.

Man, talking about something slamming into place...*WHAMMMM*

Cyn had hypertensive cardio vascular disease...normally something that she could handle and knew about. That fateful night (Christ, that sounds melodramitic) she took some sleeping meds, which would have been OK (she didn't OD, really). However, her uncle Dave had passed away a couple days before, and she was pretty broken up about it. That intensified her condition, and what would have been a normal dosage became fatal. She just went into coma and passed away...no pain, no nothing; definitely not suicide, as some wondered.

The funny part is how she was apparently described at the morgue. SHe was wearing a floral print moo-moo, hair described as 24 inches, brown, with purple dye in front, and nails with unique purple coloring. A large tattoo of "Mark" (her hubby) on her ankle, painted toes, and pierced nipples, with pierced ears--17 piercings on one, 18 on the other...and wrists had small abbrasions similar to handcuffs...kinky. Yep, that was Cyn, alright.

*giggle* It feel incredibly good to laugh about that. Somehow, I think she would have understood...and approved.

nightmaven is mailing me a copy of the reports. Hopefully, I'll have them in a few days. I'm very glad to have this info; it provides me a bit of closure. I'd love someone to go and get me a picture of her gravesite.

Sleep in peace, Cyn.

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