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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

I am/have been a musician...singer specifically. So here I am, quietly looking for a new band, since I moved...I'm not desperate yet, because it wouldn't be that easy to work out anyway, but I keep my eyes open. I look over a lot of 'musician's want ads' kinda places, and I have to laugh...a lot. Why?

Because when you are posting an ad asking for interested parties, and you list 20 bands as 'influences', and NONE of them are big enough for 99% of people to have heard them, it's kinda pointless. OK, you have a sound you want, sure (though, 20 bands of influences covers a lot of ground), and if any of that 1% sees it, and responds, you'll hopefully get it, but come ON! That's just way damn funny to me...

...but, then, people in GENERAL make me laugh.

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