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Death Knell

Well, I'm glad I flew home Monday. I might not have made it at all. I'm sure you all join me in mourning the fallen, both civilian and professional. The loss of life and damage to both the face of the city and the soul of the people is unheard of and unprecedented, and the shockwave will be felt for decades to come.

Someone said to me yesterday, "I always wondered what my grandparents felt like when Pearl Harbor was bombed, now I know." The phrase 'a day that will live in infamy' will have a whole new meaning from this day forward. The unthinkable has happened. America has been injured.

I ask you all to join me today in wearing a black armband for those whose lives were taken from us. I shall be wearing mine for the duration of the week. The innocent men and women of the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, the rescue workers who were trapped in the collapses, all shall be remembered.

I also ask that, in this time of crisis, we all band together. We may all agree that the government is a bunch of freakin' yahoos most of the time, but now is a time for solidarity. Band together, and let's stand as one: Goth, Rivethead, Christian, Democrat, Republican, Independant, Fratboy, Gay, Freak, Suburbanite...Human.

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