God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Inappropriate Postings

discordian: Got a bit of a dillema here. You gotta a sec?
archmage: sure, wassup?
discordian: The expression "oy gevalt".
discordian: I need an English equivalent.
archmage: Hmmm...well, you'd be better equipped to translate Yiddish than I, but I would say it's something approximating "Oh cripes", or "give me a break"...a heavy sigh of "oh God..."
discordian: Translating is not a problem, but the usage is hard to approximate.
discordian: I think that last one comes close.
archmage: true
archmage: yeah, should
discordian: somebody is posting the stories of Solomon in the Martial Arts community.
archmage: ooooook
discordian: hence the "oy gevalt" on my part.
archmage: and this is in the MA community why?
discordian: some people try to find a little too much meaning in a punch-kick combination... you know what I mean?
archmage: Oy gevalt.
discordian: nicely put.

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