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Couple reviews today (and they're a couple days late, so bear with me). Let's talk about Insomnia, and The Cat's Meow (both good movies, by the way).

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Couple reviews today (and they're a couple days late, so bear with me). Let's talk about <i><B>Insomnia</b></i>, and <b><i>The Cat's Meow</i></b> (both good movies, by the way).

<lj-cut text="Ebert Is My Bitch"><a href="http://us.imdb.com/Title?0278504" target="_blank><b>Insomnia</b></a>: This is a thriller that just keeps stacking on the intrigue and excitement. Powerful and masterful acting. Al Pacino is a high profile detective that goes to Alaska with his partner to help out in a murder case. Hilary Swank plays a young cop that is also trying to solve the crime along with the Alaskan police. After Pacino accidentally kills his partner, he is blackmailed by the very man he is trying to catch (Robin Williams), who witnessed the shooting. When Pacino is not playing cat and mouse with Williams, he is trying like hell to get some sleep; but sleep doesn't come. An excellently put together flick, also starring Maura Tierney. WIlliams as the bad guy kicks ass...and how do you go wrong with Pacino? Besides, this is done by the same guy who directed "Memento".

<a href="http://us.imdb.com/Title?0266391" target="_blank"><b>The Cat's Meow</b></a>: This movie may not seem like much, but I highly recommend it. There was a scandal in Hollywood in the 20's behind the death of film producer/director Thomas Ince and a birthday party thrown for him on the yacht of newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, a party involving Ince's mistress (Margaret Livingston), Hearst's mistress (Marion Davies), Charlie Chaplin, and many others. This has long been one of Hollywood's unsolved mysteries, and many theories have flown around about what REALLY happened that day. This movie tells the most popular version of the story. Edward Herrmann is wonderful as Hearst, Cary Elwes makes Ince feel real, and I even enjoyed Eddie Izzard as Chaplin and Kirsten Dunst as Davies (which kinda surprised me). This isn't a fast-paced film, or even one that builds...it just is. But there is plenty going on, you just gotta watch for it. Keep an eye out for our favorite vodka-swilling blonde from 'Absolutely Fabulous', Joanna Lumley, as the (formerly) gorgeous flame-haired Elinor Glyn, and Jennifer Tilly as Luella Parsons.

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