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Fri Oct 18, 8:27 AM ET

MODESTO, Calif. (Reuters) - A California woman who allegedly flew
into a rage and bit her husband repeatedly after he refused to have
sex with her is being held on charges that police say may eventually
include murder.

Modesto police said that Kelli Pratt, 45, attacked her 65-year-old
husband Arthur on Oct. 7, holding him down and biting him some 20
times after a dispute over sex.

"Most of the bites were confined to his arm and his abdomen and a few
were very deep with major tissue damage," Sgt. Al Carter of the
Modesto police told a television news reporter Thursday.

The Modesto Bee newspaper reported that Arthur Pratt, whose skin was
covered with more than 20 deep tooth marks, died Sunday at a local
hospital and that the local forensic pathologist believes the bites
are the likely cause of death.

"He (the husband) was able to dial 911 (emergency) that night,"
Carter told the newspaper. "We have a tape recording of him screaming
while she was biting him. When officers arrived, he was screaming
that he'd been assaulted. She fought with the officers and tried to
bite them, too."

Arthur Pratt had a history of medical problems including diabetes,
heart and circulation problems. An official ruling on the possible
homicide charge is awaiting toxicology tests, which could determine
whether the bites caused an infection that proved fatal, the Bee

Carter said police were already persuaded that "his death was a
direct result of being bitten."

"I've seen cases where dogs have bitten kids, and blood loss or
infection led to death," Carter said. "I've never heard of anyone
being bitten to death (by a human) before."

Kelli Pratt is currently being held in Modesto, about 90 miles east
of San Francisco, on charges of elder abuse, domestic violence and
assault on a police officer.

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