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An Attempt At Returning To Normal

No, this has nothing more to do with the terrorist attacks.

Since I returned home, I've been trying to get my house back in order. Ever since Eric moved in, and then Alice moved out, and then we got Heidi's stuff in before she moved, the place has been a wreck, and with Steph and I both out of town, it just went even further downhill.

But, over the course of the last two nights, things are beginning to look less and less like a landfill and more and more like a home again. It's so nice to have not only a room again but a BED again. Beautiful black iron four-post bed, with camo-netting around the top rails...quite cool. The front room is no longer a storage area for boxes but an actual living room again, complete with second couch. Sure was nice to kick back on the couch, toss my feet up on the new coffeetable, and watch 'Gladiator' last night. Now, if I can just get the kitchen in order, I'll be mostly done.

I've been thinking about the next year, and what I want to do with it. I figure, my resources are my own again, so I want to keep paying off the car i no longer own, get a new one (even just a used one), build a new computer, lose 25-30 pounds, and try to somehwat establish my web design firm a little more. And go to more concerts, but that's different entirely...LOL

I'm still working on the road notes. Should be posting them later today, I hope.

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