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Yes, It's That Bad

It's very, very rare that I actually say that I am sorry I watched some movie.

And this is coming from me, who likes 'bad' movies...but, well, DAMN. They Crawl was about as useless as a film can get. When I rent a 'scary insect' story, I expect something...and this wasn't it. To say that the storyline had holes in it, I would have to admit there was one first. Still, I suppose there was just enough of one that I could have sailed the USS Nimitz through the holes.

Acting? Yeah right. Point? Not even close. Spurious logic? Abundant. Laws of physics defied? Pretty much every other scene. Downplayed to the idiot factor? It couldn't get any lower. It's pretty bad when you rely on Mickey Rourke to pull your audience in (and he was in one short scene, that's all). If it hadn't been for Tone-Loc showing up in one even shorter scene, there would be NOTHING to speak nicely of. Even bad flicks can be fun to watch, for the 'alternate dialogue' that I tend to throw into them. There weren't even good opportunites for THAT.

I'm sorry I watched this stinkeroo.

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