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Sniper Bullshit...Not Buying It

OK, so they arrested these two, and they are all proud of themselves. Good on 'em. They're announcing 'We have the weapon, it's off the streets." Schools are reopening, everyone is dancing in the aisles.

Hold the phone. The Bushmaster they recovered has been linked to 10 shootings...what about the others? THAT gun isn't off the streets, and apparently they haven't found it, so doesn't that suggest that there could be more than one person involved here? Hell, at this point, Muhammad is being held on Federal firearms violations, NOTHING ELSE...and Malvo on being a material witness.

I'm not wishing harm on anyone, but it'll serve the arrogant bastards right if someone else gets shot. I mean, come on, let's not start patting each other on the back just yet. Besides, this whole thing is too fishy for me. 13 clean shots (10 of them kills, one bullet, with an assualt rifle...not bad at all), and suddenly, this guy just up and phones in the clue that catches him? I don't buy it. And what is up with this whole 'duck in a noose' thing? FIrst off, I wanna know where the cops got that, but I may have just missed that fact, but beyond that, I see now that it's being connected to some ancient Cherokee fable...are you kidding me? Not only would these guys prolly NOT know that story, if they did I can't see them caring enough about it to make it their 'arrogant' remark. Frankly, I think the cops are stretching.

Besides, the other part that bothers me is that there is no agenda here. No demands, no politics, no nothing...but highly public. If you are just a serial killer, first off this is no way to go about it, and secondly, you keep it on the down-low, more so than this. If you are some political terrorist, or some such, you make your demands, and the killings become a threat, or at least the prelude to a threat...but they haven't done that, either. Neither appears crazy. There has to be some reason why they were doing it, and it's all to easy to blow it off with a bullshit excuse. Ah well, I guess we'll see eventualy...I'm just afraid we'll see what the government and media WANT us to see.

Sure, I hope these are the guys responsible, I hope they are tried and convicted, and I hope no one else has to die. But let's not start the party prematurely.

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