God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Still Giggling - And Groaning

Well, that was a riot. "BMaB: The Big O" went off nicely. A long evening, spent with karzon, jahnji, and kellibunny, watching all the Thumb flicks and then topping it off with "Kung Pow". Too much fun.

Strange dreams, as usual. The only parts I really remember was around the middle of the dream. Apparently, whenever I died, a new body came out of the old one, and I would dispose of the old one. For some other reason, I was underwater in a hotel room, and I died, pretty ugly loking corpse, too, skin shredded, bones exposed, looked like I had been partially eaten by fish, so I'm looking at the body (little strips of skin waving about in the water), and I realized it was still moving. It giggled, and I was freaked out, because that had been me. Then I realized it wasn't, because it was female, and I got mad at it for not dying, so I tried bagging it up (apparently it could generate it's own bag around it for disposal...how handy!), but it tore through. So I told it to generate a new bag, and as I pulled at the bag, it created a whole new corpse. This pissed me off as well, and it took three or four tries. Each time I would go to pull off the bag, another body would come out with it...and each time it was less and less decomposed. Eventually, I was backing up out of the room (running out of space), and I threatened it. I told it that all I wanted was the bag, and if it created another body, I'd just set the damn thing on fire. People out in the next room were shocked, not understanding what i was talking about, and I tried to explain (only somewhat successfully). The body created a new bag, but not before a new head popped out of it, and it seemed worried, and begged me to wait a moment...at which point it managed to reabsorb the head. I got my bag, and I left, it seems.

Another part I just remembered: I was called out to the street to meet with my business partner, played by Al Pacino. He was showing me some paper, and apparently, I had been taken on to work for him, selling suits in bulk...and I had screwed up a very large account. He was telling me that it turns out there was nothing I could have done, that the price was just too high for the client, and that he had written off the amount that he originally had said I owed him for screwing up. I was quite happy, because it was apparently a very large figure.

I can recall some bits and pieces of sitting around on the bed with Di and Bug and my old friend Merddynn, who was showing off his leather jacket and talking about all kinds of stuff (except in the dream his name was Frank Raven, and his job involved the 10th Grade). There was a fishbowl on the bed...well, more of a pan than a bowl, and it kept spilling, and no one cared that I was gonna have to sleep there.

There was much more, and near the end, I was tottally lucid in the dream, because I ran through it again with the express purpose of remembering it to post about it...and then the alarm went off and I lost most of it again.

Dunno what is going on today. I think Di and I are gonna take Bug to the Science Museum. i ahve a little more painting to do on the model, as well.

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