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Weekend Wrapup

Well, a weekend of ups and downs, to say the least.

Eric, Steph, and JD arrived around midnight Friday night. Needless to say, that meant we were awake for a while, which ended with Eric and I getting back into 'gang warfare' (Project Justice, on the Dreamcast...don't ask, it's silly).

Saturday: everyone up and at 'em, ready for Bruce-fest. Turns out they will have tix for sale at the signing (3-8), so we go on down there...finding out there's only 50. With much more than 50 peeps there, we gave up on the movie. Still, we had stuff to be autographed, so we waited. Not long, though, until Eric discovers and confirms that you only get in to get stuff signed if you buy a copy of his book...which is what we did last time we saw him. Well, we aren't buying it again, so now it seems we are here for nothing. Damn. Fine then, off we go, stopping in at Things From Another World (fuckin' excellent comic/collectible shop), and head to Joe's place, where I get the Underworld shirt he snagged for me at the show (sweet!) and he sets up a download of the original Japanese version of 'The Ring', which I need to get from him soon (MAJOR thanks go out to karzon for DL'ing and burning it for me, and to necrobutcher for telling me where to find it). Actually, we think we may have found a place where we can rent all THREE movies, and will copy when we do. Myk, I'll let you know, so I can try and get you a copy. Anyway, the day was spent re-creating 'The Big O', as our Canadian friend (JD), had never seen the Thumb flicks or Kung Pow...much hilarity.

Sunday went basically slowly. Pizza and 'Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human' led to a slow, easy day. After an relaxed afternoon, we all reconvened in the conference room (read: 'living room'), for a hellacious game of MindTrap. We finally finished (down to the fuckin' wire), and all agreed we need to hunt down whoever wrote the game questions and kill him. my personal curse for the night was to get answers wrong, but to discover that one of the answers I had tossed out earlier in discussion as totally crackpot was correct. Ah well....off they rode this morning.

I did manage to get an install of "Hitman 2", and a shitload of mp3's and videos. Better though, i got to see my buds again, and maybe for one of the last times for a while. Due to Eric's sitch, it looks like he'll be headed back to Texas for a while...and Steph is moving back to Alabama for a while in December. *sigh* Well, E should stop by on his way out, and Steph might come down for a day, we dunno and stuff.

Anyway, I'm REALLY fuckin' tired, and I still need to clean the house, and make lunch for my darling Di, who puts up with this kind of stuff, and smiles, and proves that she is the perfect woman for me. Ciao!

PS: Scanners have an attitude. They are some of the most useful evil things in existence. I'm in a love/hate sitch with mine at the moment. Don't tell it I said so.

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