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So tired yesterday that I finally made myself lay down for a nap. Only managed to get about an hour of sleep, and still didn't go to bed until one. Results? Major dream-weirdness. As in, to the point that I really would rather not go back to sleep. Ah well...

Had entirely too much fun playing with Bug last night. Making it more fun is watching Di's reactions to us playing together. F'rinstance, when they got here, Bug was singing the chorus to Joan Jett's 'I Love Rock N Roll', so I put it on, and got him clapped along with parts of the beat...she just loved seeing him imitating me and being so intent on it. Later on, while she was making dinner, he and I got to horsing around, tickling, etc., and I ended up carrying him the normal sorta way you carry a child, up on your hip, them hanging around your neck, dig? We walked into the kitchen to say something, and you could just see the look on Di's face at seeing how comfortable Bug was with me. Can't say I don't get an insane kick out of it, too.

OwOwch...my back/neck/shoulders have been Hell the last few days, dunno why. Ungroovy.

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