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Just finished a new rant over in stupidthings. I fuckin' HATE Disney...thanks to elfmoogle for the link.

It's well-known that I talk in my sleep occasionally...and have been known to say some really whacked out things just as I am waking up. Documented phrases out of my not-awake mouth have included "Jesus wasn't immortal, he just had flotation feet", "The neon purple cats are coming to get me", and something about an "electric plate of blue spaghetti. Apparently, at some point last night/this morning, I told Di that "if you pick that up, then feathers are going to go everywhere. I don't think you want that to happen, do you?" I'm such a freak...*G*

I'm not a fan of Gaiman, in the least, but I did watch 'Neverwhere', and actually enjoyed a large part of it, so what the Hell.

Which Inhabitant of London Below are You?

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You are the Marquis de Carabas. You are owed favors by nearly everyone, and you like it that way. You are elegant and snarky and you have more tricks up your sleeve than a magician.

Christ, I think I've broken my finger. Uncool and heavy...

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