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Bad Movies...Gotta Love 'Em

Went to see Ghost Ship this evening. NOw, I know you've all heard how this movie sucks ass, but take heart, that's why you have me around...I see the bad ones so you don't have to. On the other hand, I recommend at least half of them anyway, but that's up to you...at least you get an honest, not-paid-for-by-Hollywood or angry-because-its-cool review.

I'm not gonna try and tell you this was a great film, because it wasn't. But, c'mon, no one thought they'd see this for a good fright flick, right? The storyline seems to be REALLY cliche, but does have a little extra to it, at least enough for me to notice it. The characters are predictable, true, and the actions are the same...all true. However, it's a beautiful film...the sets are incredible, and the camerawork extremely well-done (OK, so the lighting here and there was physically impossible, so what?).

Random Other Downsides: the dialogue was pretty standard...Gabriel Bryne was unable to make up for the rest of the dopey cast, acting-wise...these people are STUPID, more than once...and do they HAVE to keep pointing their flashlights right into the camera?

Random Other Upsides: It may not be actually scary, but managed to make Di jump at LEAST twice...I liked the concept of the 'bad guy'...the chick in the red dress is a Serious Hottie...the detail on the sets in incredible...the bloodbath in the opening scene was wild.

All in all, wait for video. I admit I'll end up owning it, but I'm a freak, and I like Dark Castle Entertainment.

One disheartening thing from this evening: the theatre was plenty packed with 20-something idiot trend-kids (baggy pants, hoodies, obnoxious attitudes, and all), and apparently they were split between watching 'Jackass: The Movie' and '8 Mile'. *sigh* Occasionally, when I feel old...I'm really GLAD.

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