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MISSISSIPPI - Goodman Policeman Eddie Myers said he was sorry for the hurt he caused his family and the family of Emma Horton. "I put them through a lot over the last 25 months," Myers said Tuesday at the Jackson office of his attorney, Chokwe Lumumba. But Myers maintained he shot and killed Horton, Goodman's assistant police chief and his sister-in-law because she came into his house and wouldn't leave when he asked her to. He said she then reached for her gun. "I wasn't going to let her hurt me," Myers said.

Jurors set Myers free, though they could have convicted him of capital murder, murder or manslaughter after hearing him testify last week that he shot Horton in self-defense. Horton was armed, but her gun was found strapped in its holster on her body.

Myers testified he first used a shotgun but, after the first shot, it jammed and he then started using two .40-caliber handguns. Myers fired 36 shots, hitting Horton 14 times. Horton's sister, Lauree Kirkwood, dismissed Myers' expression of sorrow and said Horton's family is still trying to come to grips with the
verdict. "Nobody believes what happened," Kirkwood said of Myers' self-defense claim. "Who in their right mind could believe a person can shoot someone 14 times and that be self-defense?"

Holmes County District Attorney James Powell III said Myers killed Horton but is never going to be held responsible. "This is a runaway jury and crazy verdict. I don't know what else to say about this," he said.

(Source: Clarion Ledger)
Now, is it just me, but is the first thing you thought something along the lines of "Christ, he's a crappy shot"?

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