God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Evil Laundry Demons

One quick thing to bitch about...I'm just not doing well with the laundry, lately. Or at least, it doesn't like me. Maybe I annoyed the Maytag Gods, or haven't sacrificed enough socks to them lately.

Last week, at some point, I did laundry, normally a simple task. However, the last load I did was all delicates of Di's, so of course I set the dryer to the proper setting for them, which resulted in them not getting quite dry. Unfortunately, I forgot they were in there, due to being distracted by something else (probably Hitman 2).

I didn't discover this until yesterday, though, when I went to do laundry for this week...and found them, still damp, in the dryer. Obviously, they would need to be washed again, as they had been there for a few days, and were getting that musty/mildewy smell. OK, no worries, I'm doing laundry anyway.

So the huge load of black (Di and I having a huge load of black? Kidding, right?) goes in the dryer, and off I go. Distracted by Hitman 2 again, they stay there until last night, when I discover that I have not set the dryer back to HEAT...so they are still wet. (*sigh*)...change the setting and run them again.

Di and I go to watch a movie, and part-way through it, the smoke alarm goes off. I go to check why, and the area around the washer/dryer is awfully warm and moist, and there are little flecks of lint everywhere. I also notice that the dryer timer has not moved, even after all this time, and the clothes inside are STILL wet. Dragging out the dryer, we find the dryer hose disconnected from both the machine and the wall. How this happened, no clue.

Now, the machines are in a closet, so we aren't talking a lot of maneuvering room. I drag out the dryer, climb behind it, burn the shit outta myself on the oh-so-hot metal of the back of the dryer (good to know SOMETHING was working, I suppose), and wrestle with the hose (which isn't very long) until I get it connected. Yes, it's working now, and things SEEM to be going fine...but christ, whatta pain.

I should also mention here (because Di thought it was a riot) that before climbing around, up, over, and behind the dryer, I had to take off my jeans, because they are a little baggy, and they would have just hampered my movement (what little I had). If you've seen me, you know I'm a big guy, and I needed all the room I could get. Still, Di thought it was the funniest damn thing she'd seen in a while. So here I am, climbing awkwardly around the washer and dryer, clad in my boxers, quietly hoping that certain dangly bits don't decide to hang out and get burned on the metal...with Di giggling at me. Well, it WAS funny, I'm sure.

OK, I'm off to be even more domestic. No, really.

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