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Hangin' With The Homeboys (And Girls)

Well, Di finally decided she had to get rid of her cat today. Much as I've bitched about it, I hated that it came down to this, and it wasn't cool, but there you have it.

Later though, we met up at the Laurelwood (brew pub) with karzon, kellibunny, and delilahbowie, and a long evening of laughter, bad jokes, movie discussions, plans for later times, and more laughter ensued. Felt great, too...I miss having friends I can hang out with. We finally called that meeting to a close once we were told it was last call, with hugs and goodbyes and plans for more movie nights...Hell, I think we have the next 3 "Bad Movie and Booze' nights set up, at least subject-wise.

The quote of the night is attributed to Kelli, who, seemingly out of the blue, turned to Joe and asked him, matter-of-factly, "Joe, did you just pinch your nipple?" *LMAO*

What a crowd...love you guys!

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