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Weird Dreams, and More Thoughts On The World Situation

I had a seriously fucked up dream last night, involving millions of frogs and trying to find someone. Yeesh. it was like a bad 80's creature flick starring Shatner.

Being horny and alone in public sucks.

And, that being said, the remainder of this message is a rant that I shall shorten for the benefit of the masses who don't want to see me go off...

I've just finished reading a story on MSNBC about the fact that we have given this ultimatum to Afghanistan which is 'Give us Bin Laden or face military action'. Now THIS is better. We are not saying Afghanistan is at fault, we aren't saying Muslims are at fault. In fact, Bush has just said that we should treat Muslim Americans as patriots. All we want is for them to turn over Bin Laden. The Taliban is 'considering' it, it seems. 'Course, they are telling their people to prepare for a jihad against us, even though that can only be called by the head council of Muslim clerics. And they have been denying that he had anything to do with it, but I think they should be able to see that the world doesn't like them anymore. Everyone has closed borders around them, everyone is offering help against them. Seems to me, that whether he is part of it or not, give him up and let's do this peacefully. If he wasn't involved, well, this is America, we'll just put him on trial, as opposed to Arab countries where they shoot you. Hell, take the hint, work WITH us. Get this:

“If America attacks our homes, it is necessary for all Muslims, especially for Afghans, to wage a holy war,” Mullah Mohammed Hasan Akhund, the deputy Taliban leader, said Monday, according to the state-run Radio Shariat. “God is on our side, and if the world’s people try to set fire to Afghanistan, God will protect us and help us.”

"God" isn't on ANYONE's 'side'. Whoever your Creator is, s/he/it created HUMANS. He didn't create Muslims, or Christians, or Buddhists, or Discordians, or Satanists, or any other group, s/he/it created ALL HUMANS. Why is s/he/it gonna side with ANY group over another? Whoever you are, you are killing s/he/it's creations, so you're in the wrong here. Fucking organized religions. Can't we all just have a relationship with the Creator that makes us happy without trying to point a finger and say 'you suck'? Can't we all just get along?

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