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Mixed Personalities

nanobotsgod: ya know, you have one hell of an ugly icon there
Chaos Blackflame: is it the firey red guy? I need to change that
nanobotsgod: yea it is he's ugly i changed it to uncle sam just so i wouldnt have to look at it and i figured if you know your icon was uncle sam you would be busting your butt to come up with a better one
Chaos Blackflame: there
Chaos Blackflame: it's changed
Chaos Blackflame: I swear
nanobotsgod: hasnt asked me to accept one yet
Chaos Blackflame: it will
nanobotsgod: oh is that the best you can do? you are *so* still uncle sam
Chaos Blackflame: hmmm...ok....
Chaos Blackflame: there
nanobotsgod: ok lets see
nanobotsgod: nadda yet
Chaos Blackflame: it'll be there
nanobotsgod: .
nanobotsgod: .
nanobotsgod: .
nanobotsgod: .
Chaos Blackflame: eh?
nanobotsgod: nope
Chaos Blackflame: weird...well, it's a crucified AIM buddy...better?
nanobotsgod: hmm i dont know , can i just call you sam now,
Chaos Blackflame: hmmm...I dunno, I'd have to get something in return to answer to Sam...
nanobotsgod: like what? a t shirt?
Chaos Blackflame: I dunno...I just don't think I could answer to 'Sam' for free...now, call me Vincent' all you want.
nanobotsgod: hahaha
nanobotsgod: no way its not that easy , sam,
Chaos Blackflame: I don't know who you are talking to.....
Chaos Blackflame: Wait...
nanobotsgod: i know you can hear me
Chaos Blackflame: if I'm Sam, can I just then admit "I Want You"?
nanobotsgod: um, no, nah i dont think so , that would be silly, i mean from a guy named sam? get serious
Chaos Blackflame: Oh, c'mon...you cannot deny the charisma of Sam
nanobotsgod: watch me
Chaos Blackflame: Ah, but I'm not REALLY Sam...it's a ruse.
nanobotsgod: you're not????????
Chaos Blackflame: nope. It's just an excuse to say "I Want You"
Chaos Blackflame: I'm too shy to do it otherwise
nanobotsgod: so this sam persona is kinda an extrovert huh? ou think i will be safe going to a show with you or would we
have to deal with this sam charcture?
Chaos Blackflame: Well, Sam isn't a bigger extrovert than me, he just says that a lot, so I used it. But yeah, I think
you';ll be safe, TKK's not Sam's kinda show
Chaos Blackflame: the qwuestion you have to now ask is whether or not you're safe going with ME.


Molly, you are too much fun, sometimes...

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