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Well, Fuck You, Too

My apologies to anyone who was trying to get to my MP3 locker, since they have now closed it due to "violations of House Rules". Apprently, even though the service is set up so that you can have a place to keep MP3's and share them, they didn't count on my actually doing it.

Interestingly enough, in digging through these 'house rules' to try and determine what I actually violated, the only one I can find that seems applicable is that a user isn't supposed to share their password. Well, I'd like to know just how they expect anyone to be able to share what is in their locker if no one else can get into it to share the files therein.

Fuckers. I'd advise you to pass the message on to boycott them, but they are going out of business, so what's the point? Regardless, I still have a huge collection here on my harddrive, and one of these days soon, I'll post a list and offer my services for mix discs or something.

Now, to attempt to go find and replace some of the ones that I didn't have backed up locally...*grumblegrumble*

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