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I'm Not Creative Enough To Title This

Didn't really do a damn thing yesterday...slow, boring, relaxing day. Went to hang out with a photographer later that night, though, as Di wanted to meet him and see how he worked, for future reference. This was a very cool guy, though, and regardless of anything else, I could see him being a friend...gotta remember to ask him if he games...

Today should be interesting. This afternoon, I'm being dragged along to Spartacus by zombiedip and delilahbowie (and kellibunny, if she comes). This is a fetish shop, incidentally. My purpose in going is to be a critic of whatever all they try on (or, as it was explained to me, 'You have to come along and tell us how beautiful we are').

So, yeah, gorgeous women are MAKING me ogle them in skimpy fetish clothing. Oh, the woe; oh, the pain;oh, the humanity. ;)

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