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Fun With PVC

Well, that was fun. Kelly did show up, as did karzon. Much fun was had just wandering and making fun of the sex toys (though I did see a couple floggers that I think Di and I are going back for). We convinced Rachel to get a dress she tried on: strapless on top, mid-thigh, zipper all the way up the front, laced all the way up the back, heavy vinyl...all I got to say is HOO-AH! It really did look exquisite...though it needs to be properly laced. Oh well, I've about got her and Di convinced to get dressed up and let me take photos, so I told her to bring it over and I'd lace it properly.

Di and I have decided that we have the weirdest relationship in the world. If you know Di at all, you probably know that she used to be heavily into the BDSM scene. Mostly, it was because her life basically sucked, and she had mostly shut down, and it allowed her to feel something, and feel wanted. She was a hardcore sub, and it wasn't sexual, really. Since we've been together, though, she's not into it anymore, because she's actually happy, and doesn't need it. Still, she's a sub at heart, and still enjoys it, but on a different level. Yes, I collared her a long time ago, but she doesn't really get dominated.

Now, *I* used to be in the scene as well, a long, long time ago. I was in it because I was an angry young man, and it gave me people to cause pain to...a great aggression release, It was never sexual for me, though, I don't get off on causing pain. I got out of it like 11, 12 years ago.

Now, keep in mind that I basically am home every day, and I keep the house up: clean up, do dishes, laundry, etc. So the result is this: she's a sub, owned by me, but I do all the housework. But then, as Di says "Yes, true, but you can rest your feet on me when you are done, if you want". What a girl...;)

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