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Smiley Frown

Not much to report today. Gallagher is out of the house as of the end of this week, thankfully. I don't mind helping out a friend, and I understand what a bitch her situation is, but one more person in the house is just too much. The place looks like shit, because no one cleans up but me. And I'm tired of peeps in my room when I'm not there. Christ, I'm gonna have to start locking things up or something. Common Courtesies 101.

One cool thing: I got 2 pet rats today. Maybe I'll get pix later. A girl at work had to find a home for them, so I said I'd take them, and now they are running around on my desk here at work. A black and white one I've named "Ben" (the horror movie nut in me), and an albino I've named "Eightball" (the ex-cocaine-addict in me). Hee, hee, I have pets again!

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