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Random Questions

Snagged from babyinga, who got them from elsewhere...sure, what the Hell...

1. You know how some people can roll their 'r's, or bend their thumbs back to touch their arm, or cry on command, or rub their belly and pat their head at the same time? What stupid human trick did you always wish you could do?
~~ Ha, I'm the one that can do those weird tricks, most of the time. I can't think of any I wish I could do that I can't already.

2. No ill wishes but let's say that you for some reason were to die before your significant other does. Then let's say they remarry/repartner/what have you. When they eventually die, do you want them buried next to you, or next to their new partner?
~~ New. They've moved on with their lives, which is how it should be. They will grow older with this new partner, and that's all cool. Hopefully, I won't be buried, anyway, but for the sake of the question, I can assume.

3. It's Friday night. How many bottles of beer will be on your wall come Saturday morning?
~~ None. But there may be various empty bottles of tequila around.

4. Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony conducted in a religion or custom wildly different from your own? What was it like?
~~ Attended? Hell, I've officiated.

5. What do you think about gargoyles?
~~ A sadly lost form of beautiful art.

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