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Well, well, a rather mediocre night, flick-wise.

Dog Soldiers: Well, this looked like it had potentiasl, and for a crappy flick was fun to watch. Basically, you have a bunch of soldier son a training mission who get trapped in a house facing down a pack of werewolves. Yeah, not much story, but it did have plenty of action, and more than a few good lines. In particular, after the survivors find the body of Private Witherspoon (referred to as 'Spoon' for the whole flick), one asks "Where's Spoon?"...to which he receives the response: "There is no Spoon." Needless to say, I groaned loudly. Still, it was a fun flick to watch for something the director laughingly referred to as 'Saving Private Ryan with werewolves'.

Ghosts Of Mars: I know, I know, you all already know this film wa a serious disappointment. Well, I had to see for myself, as big a John Carpenter fan as I am. Sadly, ol' JC is getting old, and it's showing. Still, I'm not gonna write him off completely, as I still love the rest of his catalogue, but this...well, first off, it starred Ice Cube, awho continues to get chances to prove that he cannot act. Secondly, there was a lot of backstory that could have played with...but wasn't. And, c'mon, Natasha Henstridge didn't show hardly any flesh...John, man, what were you thinking?

On a semi=related note, I just discovered that James Coburn died on the 18th, of a heart attack. You will be sorely missed James. He had a presence and a voice that made him quite distinctive. A moment of silence, if you would.

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