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Good Morning, How Would You Like To Be Fucked With?

So I got the new machine...and it's nice, don't get me wrong. But first off, they didn't just replace the box, they replaced the whole freaking setup, including my keyboard. Now, I do not touch-type, so these fuckin' 'Natural' keyboards are the biggest pain in the ass I can imagine. I requested and received an old-school 'straight' keyboard early on with this company, and it has gone with me from desk to desk. They didn't bother leaving it, though. So I have to wait around, hoping top get hold of Scott and figure out where they put it. Plus, they took my speakers, and they left half my desk a wreck, and there are cords running everywhere (they didn't bother cleaning anything up, just left it a shambles)...man, I'd love to just go home right now.

On a good note, I got tix last night to Thrill Kill Kult on the 3rd, so that's a happy thing.

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