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Ask Me Anything, Round One

Well, well, a good start, let's see, here:

nostradomnatrix: Probably right here in this same damn chair, doing just what I'm doing now.

gina: Well, that's up to you, really, but I'd like to think you wouldn't be disappointed, so yeah.

redheadevilchiq: Hmmm...oh, sorry, was distracted. I'm not sure I can keep track of the count...let's say 42.

spiritual: No, not yet, and I doubt I will. Just not something I think I would end up enjoying.

babyinga: Sex, in the choir loft of a church...during the sermon...with the preacher's wife.

sayaka: Trouble, lint, and I have no clue.

nysidra: Any of the 'Friday the 13th' DVDs. I set up a wishlist for the various family members with all 10 on there...and they went and got me other things instead. Bastards.

karzon: I wasn't when I posted the poll, but I am now.

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