God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Progress, News, And Marshmallow Peeps

Well, after swearing at the Gods of H-P, I've managed to get some stuff updated, so I can now use Nero Burning Rom instead of HP RecordNow...which wouldn't support VCD burning. My first attempt at burning a VCD sorta worked...I got it, but it's jumpy, and bad. I think I might have messed up a burn setting somewhere. Still, it's progress, and that's something. Start again...

In other news, it should be a fun week. Tomorrow night will be 'Bad Movies and Booze: The Big O Redux', at which I shall have in attendance kellibunny, redheadevilchiq, karzon (later), Brady, and delilahbowie (I think). Insane laughter is imminent. Thursday is T'giving, which means home-cooked meal at Di's parents' place. Friday, if all goes according to plan, dirtbikev will be coming to see me for a while, which is cool since I haven't seen her since I moved down here.

caliban now says he might be moving down to L.A. Yeesh, well, it gives me another person to go see in Cali, eventually, and somewhere to saty, which is god, because I do want to get down that way and see annathema667 one of these days, and hopefully catch up with preistofcards and devilsdarling while I'm there. When that'll happen is anybody's guess, of course.


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