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OK, skip somewhere else if you don't care or have no interest...I just gotta vent.

So the new machine, I finally get them to gimme my staright keyboard back, and it doens't lok like I'm gonna get any speakers, so I'm using my own (which they say we aren't supposed to do, but fuck 'em). And I go about installing the few little proggies that I use, nothing evil, invasive, or bad: Color Cop (color code generator), WinAMp (music), IrFanView (image viewer/minor manipulator), WinZip (archive proggie, and much better than FreeZip, which thery have already installed). Everything seems to be installing OK, but lo and behold, no file associations are working. With any of them. Zip files won't open to WinZip, MP3's won't open to WinAmp, pix won't open to IrFanView. Sure, if I open the proggie and tell IT to open the file, no sweat, but if i click on a file, it doesn't use the proram I have specified. A little diggin around comes up with the answer: apparently, they have the security permissions (or lack thereof) set so high on the new image that you can't really install much of anything! The registry just doesn't bother updating file associations, among other things, I'm sure. So, there's another reason the new machine sucks.

Oh, and let's just add to the idiocy, shall we? I'm on a roll, why the fuck not...

I decided to just let the webpage thing go. Corporate bullshit, I know the drill. Wel, today, the project head mails us all, giving us deadlines for completion. OK, fine. 2 MINUTES LATER, I get an e-mail telling me that even though she just said what my deadline was, it's actually a week earlier than what she just told me. OOOoooooookay...so I mention that it would be great if she would tell me just what it is that she wants done on the next part of the project, since I'm playing it by ear so far, and no one ever thought to tell me anything more about it. Well, come to hear, the little that she HAD told me, that I've been busting my ass over, is pointless, since I don't need to be doing that at all. Nothing like changing specs in the middle of a job.

I just want to leave and get drunk/stoned/something....

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