God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


(*which stands for fucked-up day*)

Most recently? Di walks in the door, and I'm startled, trying to figure out how I've managed to sit in one chair, with a magazine, all damn afternoon...since I sat down and started reading just after she left from lunch. Also, why the fuck my headache hadn't gone away.

OK, second thing. With the burning as of late, I was thinking my burner couldn't handle VCD burning. Now, it's looking like either A) my burner doesn't like BLANK rewriteable discs (but ones that have something on it are safe) [highly unlikely], or B) I managed to buy a spindle full of bad CD-RWs. It'll attempt the burn (evenm just burning several single unrelated files), but tells me there's a discrepancy between the burned files and the originals. BUrning to a standard CD-R works fine. Get this, now: I dragged one of the "bad" CD-RWs out of the middle of the stack, and the burn worked fine...but it STILL won't read in Di's computer. Just as I thought I had it figured out, it slipped away. Next test is to procure a single CD-RW from an outside source, and test-burn stuff on it. If it works, then the batch I have is bad...if not, my burner is schizoid.

At least my headache is finally gone...almost.

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