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Minor Disappointments

Well, dirtbikev never did call or show up last night. She called me Wednesday night to see if I wanted to have a drink, but I was already settled in, so she said she's see me Thursday. Then nothing, and didn't answer her cell when I called her. Hope she's OK...I'll try again later.

Also, I got to thinking, and decided that it would be a good thing to run a solo game of Nephilim for Di (dammit, I gotta get my gaming fix!!!!). I described the game to her, and she thought it sounded pretty good, so I went digging into the infamous Lion Closet for my Nephilim books. What do I find? Every supplement and extra book, but not the main rulebook. Well, fucking hell, I can't do characters without the main book, so I'm screwed on that front as well. I'm tearing that closet apart today (which needs to be reorganized anyway), and if I don't find it I'm gonna be hella mad.

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