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Why Hasn't Someone Shot These People Yet?

Well, here's something I'm sure none of you expected...more "Fuck PETA" news:
Norfolk, Va. -- A year after promising to temper its often graphic messages in light of the Sept. 11 attacks, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the nation's largest animal rights group, has
prepared a "turkey terror" commercial that draws on Americans' fear of terrorism.

The new television campaign, scheduled to run through the holiday season, depicts a terrorist takeover of a supermarket. The store manager is shown bound and gagged, with shoppers cowering, as an unseen hostage
taker warns that "innocent creatures" will be beaten, scalded and dismembered if anyone resists. The commercial eventually reveals the "terrorist" to be a turkey puppet with a demand that people stop eating meat.

"We feel that the public is ready for this type of message," said Lisa Lange, vice president of communications for PETA, which claims a membership of 750,000 and is based in Norfolk.

"What happened to the kinder, gentler PETA?" said Sherrie Rosenblatt, director of public relations for the National Turkey Federation, an industry group. "I think it is always inappropriate to promote propaganda that puts fear in anyone's mind."

The advertisement, which PETA calls the "turkey terror" campaign, is the sharpest departure yet from the group's year-old promise of less provocative messages. "In the past, we showed people the blood, the gore, the suffering of
animals," the group's president, Ingrid Newkirk, said less than a month after the Sept. 11 attacks. "Those images are not what's right to show people. Because society has changed, we're changing with it. If society goes
back to being complacent, we'll go back to provoking it again."

I am so in favor of just outlawing these people. As if we needed MORE bullshit in this country.

And, speaking of bullshit: WYOMING -- A new twist in the brutal murder of a man from Wyoming, as detectives investigate if popular videogame was a motive.

18-year old Michael Emery, 24-year old Brian Davidson and 16-year old Natasha Toothman were arraigned on a charge of open murder. Police tell FOX 17 News at Ten they are looking at the video game, "Grand Theft Auto" as a possible motivating factor. Witnesses told police the suspects played the game both the day before the attack, and again the
day after.

Police won't say for sure that they got the idea from the game, but they are looking into it. "Our knowledge of Grand Theft Auto is that it's an extremely violent game where the perpetrator in that game can kill
people at random, can kill law enforcement officers, can drive his car and run people over," Lt. Paul Robinson of the Wyoming Police told FOX 17 News.

In a statement to FOX 17 News at Ten, the company that makes the video games, Rockstar Games, says they extend their sympathies to the family of Jerry Steinberg, but that, "The Grand Theft Auto Series is a comic interpretation of gangster activity and the story, names and incidents portrayed are fictitious. Any resemblance to real world events or people is coincidental."

When are humans gonna learn to take a little fucking responsibility? You did it, you pay for it...simple as that.

Stories courtesy of The Misanthropic Bitch.

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