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Well, finally got hold of Alice's boss today, and arranged payment. They've decided to go with another designer (wonder if Alice had anything to do with that?), but I don't care. I had to write him a nasty e-mail before he finally got back to me. That's an extra $100 I have now, which will pay some bills.

I've also discovered that this new machine plays ALL sound files too fast, for some reason. So it doesn't really matter that i can't use WinAmp, because even Micro$haft Media Slayer plays them incorrectly. I have this sneaky suspicion that it was done on purpose to kill people having mp3's, but I can't prove it, and the LAN guy's not talkin'. Haven't had a chance to see if it does that to CD's as well, but I'll test it soon.

Plans for tonight: stop at the store, get rat food and wood shavings, then go home and get drunk. All parties interested in joining may call my cell phone and get directions: 425-750-6213.

Editor's Note: No, I'm not getting drunk on rat food and wood shavings.

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