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Slow Life

Let's see...not much happenin' here. Not sure why I'm even posting, but I'm an addict, so go figure. Finished playing 'The Thing' last night...man, great game (I loved the movie), but a serious bitch at the end.

New icon, for cutekelliekitte:

Couldn't get it the way I wanted, and still in that 40kb limit, but not too bad. This isn't the one I was thinking of, though, just something she wantd done.

Just over a week until my birthday...yay, rah. Well, hopefully I'll see my friends in Seattle right after, and that'll make it interesting, at least. Yes, I have a wishlist...no, I'm not asking anyone for anything on it. It's all good (but mucho grande thanks to nysidra).

There's that trip up to Seattle...and then the trip to Wisconsin for Xmas...man, I'm gonna be so glad to be home. I'm not a big travel person, anyway, and this trip is a serious mixed emotion sitch for me. Well, that's as may be, no need to bitch.

Hmmm...feet cold. As usual.

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